Introduction of China Institute of Navigation

The English name of China Institute of Navigation is CHINA INSTITUTE OF NAVIGATION, the short form of which is CIN.

CIN is a national, academic, non-profit social organization, composed of relevant units and personnel engaged in navigation science and technology work. It is the “bridge” and “link” for the Communist Party of China and the government of China to contact the nautical science and technology workers, and an important social force for the development of national nautical science and technology and the construction of scientific and technological power, maritime power, transportation power, shipping power and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road. Registered in accordance with the law and possessing the legal personality of a social organization.

The purpose of CIN is to carry forward maritime culture, respect knowledge and value talents; to advocate the spirit of “Dedication, Innovation, Truth-seeking and Collaboration”, unite and organize nautical science and technology workers. Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist thought of a new era with Chinese characteristics and the Party's leadership, CIN closely adheres to the national strategic requirements so as to build a brand of nautical academic exchange, create a platform for international nautical science and technology exchange and cooperation, and improve the ability and level of serving the innovation and high quality development of the nautical industry. CIN strives hard to play a positive role in promoting a new development pattern of China, in strengthening the foundation of the “Double First-class” initiative, and in speeding up the establishment of a new development pattern of circulation home and abroad.

CIN abides by the national constitution and relevant laws, regulations and policies, and social morals and ethics.

It aims to build a modern corporate governance structure and operational mechanism, carry out its work independently and responsibly in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and the principles of democratic governance. To meet the requirements of separation of government administration from commune management, to establish a clear line of authority and responsibility, CIN operates autonomously and compete orderly in accordance with standardized governance, self-disciplined behavior and the law. To improve the innovative development and service capacity of the Institute, CIN builds a modern social organization that is established in accordance with the law, operates independently, serves the people, standardizes governance, and conducts self-discipline.

CIN accepts the business leadership, guidance and supervision of China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and relevant national industry regulatory authorities.